What is oral health?

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Oral health refers to the state of your teeth, gums and the overall state of your mouth. There could be all sorts of issues with your oral health, from small cavities to large tooth infections. But that is not all – oral health could also refer to the position and general state of your teeth.

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What you need to know about removing wisdom teeth

Regarding wisdom teeth there is so much misinformation; so many myths circulate with strange recommendations, that it is better to forget everything that is heard on the street and only pay attention to the dentist who is treating you.

What are some common myths with wisdom teeth?

In general, dental health is plagued by false myths, bad habits and erroneous advice that can be very harmful.

And the most common hoaxes that circulate in the street – and also on the Internet – tend to have as protagonists the wisdom teeth (technical name of the wisdom teeth).

These teeth are the favourite of almost everyone when it comes to telling terrible experiences that happened to acquaintances and distant relatives.

We have all heard how badly someone passed him when his teeth were removed from the trial, with some stories becoming more like stories of gore terror in the style of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than a pure health issue.

What are these teeth anyway?

The wisdom teeth are the last molars that come out in the jaw, just in the maxillary area at the bottom of it.

They tend to emerge in humans from 16 years, so popular wisdom always understood that these teeth appeared when people became adults and began to have more judgment than a child.

The big problem is that not all patients have a hole to erupt the last molars. For this reason, it is common for certain people to have discomfort, pain, inflammation or twisted or twisted teeth.

Some popular myths:

The wisdom teeth come out all over the world: not all human beings have wisdom teeth. There are also cases in which only some leave and the rest do not finish erupting.

The wisdom teeth push and dislocate to the rest of the teeth when they come out: the dental crowding does not occur due to the pressure of the wisdom teeth on the rest of the teeth. If they do not have a place to leave, they are more likely to come out crooked. But they will never push the rest of the teeth.

The wisdom teeth are the largest: this is not the case either. It is more: in many cases, the upper wisdom teeth are usually even smaller than the rest of the teeth. This myth can originate because the wisdom teeth are more difficult to extract because sometimes they have great roots.

After an extraction, you should not brush your teeth: this is not true. In fact, dental cleaning must be even more rigorous after extraction of the wisdom teeth.

Should you remove wisdom teeth?

On this subject popular culture has invented a lot of legends and recommendations that have little or nothing to do with the usual dental practice.

Although there is no absolute answer to the question of whether it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth, we should explain to all readers that extraction is only recommended when one of the teeth is not emerging as it should.

Therefore, if the wisdom teeth are coming out well, they line up properly with the rest of the teeth and the gums that cover the tail area are healthy, it is not recommended to remove the wisdom teeth.

But this is not something that always happens since some patients suffer discomfort during the eruption.

Then we will see what are the specific reasons why it is convenient to remove the wisdom teeth:

The molars adopt an incorrect position: if the molars do not go well, then they will be retained, impacted against the second molar and even embedded in the bone of the jaw. In those cases, it is logical that pain occurs and that the withdrawal of them is necessary.

If the wisdom teeth have not come up: they can cause cysts or damage the root of the second tooth. In that case, it is also convenient to extract them.


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